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The breeder (Tami Foster) has at least 30 dogs in her house.When I went in the front door they all came running & barking.

I watched them hike their legs on furniture, hump each other, etc. I purchased a 6 month old malti-tzu that had not been sold. She had been thrown out with the pack & was unsocialized. She suffered with fear & anxiety.

She exhibited selfish behaviors-guarding & stealing food, toys, etc. I fed her well, trained her, & spent a lot of time working with her. She still had to take anti-anxiety medication. She became very ill at 3 years old with bladder stones.

Even with surgery, they would have returned. She could never have stayed in the hospital without me or Louie, my other dog. I had to have her euthanized. It absolutely broke my heart, my husband's and Louie's.

Louie mourned for her! This could have been prevented through proper breeding, handling and socialization. She charges hundreds of dollars for an inbred mutt that she calls 'designer dogs'.

She cares NOTHING for the animals- only the $$$$$$$.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: i want the bad breeding stopped..

I didn't like: Bad breeding.


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Ummmm...maybe u need therapy lady... the people, from my experience, who like to tell everyone on social networks how "wonderful" they are and "my kids are my life "..either want people to feel sorry for them and they're trying to get attention, and 9 times outta 10 someone else is raising their kids while "mommy of the year " is out smoking crack or Wtf ever dead beat parents do.


Just for the record.POOS4U is not a puppy mill and Tami Foster loves her animals.

Tami was inspected by American Kennel Association and Animal Control in 2014. Passed both inspections with flying colors. It is impossible to tell Animal Control to leave due to grooming when they are coming to your house based on a complaint. It is irrelavent what other dogs are there at her home, you were a customer.

It is shameful to publicly disrespect a business owner when you are not sharing ALL the facts. Hopefully, no one lies to your boss about your job....that would suck if you lost income because of someone opinion and inexperience of the whole picture.

The ol' sayin always seems to say it all...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.Nuf said.

to Anonymous #984050

thats where you are wrong!!!The AKC told her that dupe she didn't get that mess xpcleaned up they would yank her AKC affiliation from her.

There are at least 5 dogs that we know if who have died before the age of 3 due to inbreeding. Did you also know that she laughs behind people's backs when she charges them $850. For a mixed mutt??? Don't believe it???

You've been fooled!!! The house she rents is owned by an elderly gentleman. He told me that after she moves out they will have to bull doze it down because of the urine in the floors & walls. A good breeder cares about the integrity of the breed.

They don't have 60-70 dogs in a single family home.

All dog authorities in town- even the vets- know that she is a backyard breeder.Believe me, I've talked to most of them.


You are using the excuse of bladder stones, and a disordered belief that the dog couldn't stay in a hospital with you, to help you feel better for putting your animal down. You didn't want the trouble of a nuisance dog and it's vet bills - but you don't have a strong enough grasp of reality to admit it.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #958964

Sad you put a poor animal to sleep over something she should of had surgery and a change of diet to be able to live a few more years For


I am so sorry for your loss.Just to mention that we had 3 Schnauzers at one time and we had one Schnauzer Chloe she got bladder stones twice and had surgery twice to remove them.

Bladder stones are an issue this breed faces. It can also be due to their diet. We had to put her on special foods to try and break up and pass them (prescription food). Surgery always had to be done.

Our dogs are our children. And they get better care than we do (LOL). But with so many dogs in the breeder home and all the puppies that is generated I am sure there were other dogs who had socialization issues too. I am sure many had to fight for a meal.

I am sorry your dog had to be euthanized such a sad ending to such a young dog. No dog can snap out of being ignored, or abused. We have all rescued dogs and they all come with problems and we just love them for who they are and give them a life while they are with us. That's all they want.

Maybe you should try your local shelter next time. We always had such good luck adopting a dog usually older ones.

Again I am sorry for your loss.


Bladder stones wouldn't have been fixed by socialization.Animals are like people, sometimes they get medical issues that just aren't fixable.

Some of the issues you mentioned were the breeder's fault, but the ultimate issue was not.I'm sorry :(

to Anonymous Panama City, Florida, United States #905274

I understand that the bladder stones were not the breeder's fault.However, as you said, the other things were.

How sad that, because she didn't sell right away, she was thrown out with the pack. Again, her behavior clearly showed that she 'd had to fight for toys, food, etc. She was anxious, fearful and unsocialized. She never stopped craving the company of a pack.

The one and only time I felt her relax was when they kindly agreed to let me hold her while they euthanized her. How sad for her. I am just glad she was well cared for her while she was here on earth.

Last report I got about ms.

Foster she had over 50 dogs in her single family home- way too many. Her web site advertises that they are well socialized, loved, played with all the time... That is absolutely not true. How can one person correctly care for and socialize 50+ dogs?

I just recently spoke with another victim. Ms. Foster charged her $850. For a mutt, which Ms.

Foster calls,"designer dogs". Another person bought a 2 year old shi-tsu from her. The dog was fearful, unsocialized & aggressive. After it bit 3 different people they took the dog to a shelter.

How many of these dogs should be abused like this?

How many more people should be heartbroken? It's a sad situation.

Ms.Foster needs to be shut down.

to Anonymous Coram, New York, United States #931887

Suggestion: #1: write the animal society writing to get your heart broken thought out and revenge on this page will not help you or the animals .They have many animal Societies to protect and close down these operations, next write to your attorney generals office about your lose.

Take free legal action. I can promise you , you will get results.

Also write a complaint to the better business bureau. Even if she is not listed you can write to complain to warn people. Trust me God said leave the revenge to me, but you must report this to the Human Society.

There is legal help out there for free. Check it out. You have rights as a consumer Federal Consumer LEgal Lawyers waiting to help you out.

It is worth a try.Sorry for that is very sad to hear thanks for the heads up.

to Helpful Person Panama City, Florida, United States #954384

unfortunately, we have tried all possible leads and are now posting on social media.When animal control went to investigate Tami would not allow the inspectors in because she was grooming.

Animal control listed 2 hybrid wolves as Alaskan Huskies.

It is against the law to have hybrid wolves in Florida.Sadly our laws in Florida have not caught up with those in New York.

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